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Cat & The Fiddle Cheesecake by Chef Daniel Tay (Online, Hopp Cafe & PappaRich)

Any slightest clue what’s new in the dessert front? Yes? No? No idea what I am talking about? Okay, okay. Perhaps I should potentially begin with the incredibly gorgeous cheesy cheesecakes I have briefly spoken about and shared on social media recently. Always a favorite among many of us, cheesy cheesecakes of course are just so divine for anytime of the day sheer satisfaction. Right now ladies and gentlemen, look no further. I am going to tell you everything, literally all of it about “Cat and The Fiddle” cheesecakes from Singapore.

The Spa - The Club Saujana Resort

Stress of life. Tell me about it. Don't we all go through it? I know. Trying our level best to cope, maybe not for having the best, but at least a comfortable life. Speak about first and foremost, traffic jam driving daily, to and fro from work, and for every other middle class woman like me, say all you want, we are the ones who are holding the fort to the endless daily chores. Should we, can we credit our husbands as well for providing their share of money betterment? Think about it. My life, trust me, is no better. All stressed wired-up in all directions, generally, I do cope well, but for the last two weeks or so, I really was yearning for my time-out brekkie from my career and out my house. This spa review, thanks to the sponsor, sorry guys, I can't reveal none more, let's just say a mystery marketing research, popped up when I was pondering over how can I relieve my stress.   

Verandah Restaurant @ Cyberview Resort & Spa - Iftar Buffet

To celebrate the holy month of Ramadhan after the challenging long day of fasting, nothing is more rewarding than gathering with family and friends over a pleasurable festive buffet. While hotels all over Malaysia are abuzz with the preparation of meals to satisfy the hunger pangs, Cyberview Resort & Spa @Verandah Rrestaurant invites diners to delight the taste buds with its Iftar buffet within the backdrop of a serene tropical garden. Absolutely a feast on “live-on-wok” seafood galore when Chef Imran and his team generously stir-fry in action on fresh swimming tiger prawns, fish, cockles, bamboo clams and stingray ala-Thai style.

Vineria.It Cucina & Bar (Bukit Bandaraya, Kuala Lumpur)

One of the major important lessons for me as a food blogger is none except knowing very well that an invited food review will forever be simply the best. Sincerely. Believe me you. Unlike when you walk in as another customer, invitation means everything will be super-duper mind blowing. Table already set-up, menu prior arranged, utmost welcoming customer service, so on and so forth, I can go on and on to affirm that nothing will fall short. Walking into Vineria.It after almost two hours of crawling during this Friday jam, all the way from Shah Alam, until I was so close to turning back, but a promise is a promise because I have agreed, additionally, at my splitting headache and my hair literally soaking wet due to rushing for making it on time, seriously guy, I immediately fell in love with their ambiance. Especially once I took further steps towards the outside dining area, overlooking the exclusive high end condominiums or huge houses. Supposedly owned by the rich socialites, o

Malgudi Classic Indian Cuisine (Lorong Universiti C, Petaling Jaya)

Malgudi. The name by itself made me so happy. Don't ask me why or what not, really, I am not one of those who is good at explaining my profound inner feelings. Basically, let me repeat myself again. Malgudi sounded so mystical, magical and legendary once I was told about it. Obviously, an Indian name, of course, silly billy me for even mentioning, sincerely, I was so fascinated with the name until I couldn't wait to bulldoze towards Malgudi. All plans I thought was well set for my day in Malgudi, but this Indian man of mine backed out. Who else? The man I have been married for donkey years. He backed off for the simply reason that Friday night is his gala alcohol entertainment night. He was worried if he can wake up on time next morning. To tell you the truth, I too felt the same way. Instints. They won't fail you, believe me or maybe because you know your spouse inside out, upside down. So, when he voiced out his concern two days before we are suppose to head to Malgud