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Khuntai Authentic Thai Restaurant – Banting, Klang

Hoopla-hop-hula-hop family wedding finally was over and done ( Indian Fashion Trends For Ladies In Their 50's ). Phew! What an Indian live show to a grand wedding and also who is richer than art thou. Least expected next was the "thank you all" appreciation family dinner. Sure, why not? We were free, so, we hopped into the back wagon of car pooling to rock and roll once we hit the long stretch of sinking up and down pothole inner road on this raining day while glimpsing at the squatter living on both sides. Squatter living it may be, still, we shouldn't underestimate these people. Nice big cars parked in their open to all compound, but I won’t encourage you to compete with them by driving your sports car to Khuntai. A fat car repair bill may be awaiting due to the condition of the road. Therefore, I suggest you load the whole family on a pick-up truck or lorry for the akin a roller-coaster drive before parking in front of Khuntai or take a turn to park further i

Hong Kong Kim Gary - I Utama, Petaling Jaya

In case if you have been wondering what's my latest social status of my   Iphone 7 ,  let me tell you that it’s been hell. Yesssss, grrrr!! Literally hell. As it is, IPhone 7 kept rebooting ( Restoran Orkid Thai ), by the 5th day, our love for each grew apart because phone shuts down randomly and wouldn't wake up until I force. Obviously, I should be fuming right? I must. Anyway, that is that, I then consulted my so-called iPhone specialist friends, yet, eventually, all roads basically arrowed, arrow yea, to iPhone service centers. Pretty much a sensible advice, instead of heading to Machine Mid Valley where I knew my patience will be massively tested to await in the long line, I drove to Mac City 1 Utama. Honestly, wasn’t a joy ride, all the way from Shah Alam via the crazy Saturday late morning jam. Later, the common craziness we all go through, parking before anyone quickly intercepted and walking between the uncontrollable spoiled brag kids who think it’s so hilarious

Restoran Orkid Thai - Section 9, Shah Alam

By the third day, Iphone 7 started showing its dark side. Really a terrifying-horrible shocking discovery, it kept rebooting every now and then for no apparent reason. Obviously, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Duh! Its a brand new phone I paid from  my savings ( Da De Bak Kut Teh Subang Jaya ), never ever have I encountered such a problem with my previous faithfully yours 6 year old Iphone 5. Absolutely heart wracking, I really couldn’t find the time ( Karaikudi Chicken Curry & Fikcles Cafe Taman Tun ) to rush to the service centre amidst the busyness of getting ready for the family wedding and another travel venture ( Oats Fried Prawn s ). Keeping my fingers crossed, hoping it’s just a minor teething problem, I went ahead with shopping nearby Plaza Shah Alam and Plaza Masalam. Accompanied by my niece, we bought a couple of things and then of course, naturally, shopping is more or less regarded as synonymous with hunger throne.  

Ikan Goreng Asam

The other side to the previous Ikan Goreng Kunyit/Turmeric Fried Fish . The other side which is my favourite as well. Speak about sourness, me, myself and I? Honestly, I so love sourness to every bit. Any kinda sourness in our Malaysian dishes ( Nyonya Acar Fish , Asam Curry Fish  & Fried Kembung With Assam Sauce ). Sourness from our local fruits ( Sambal Belimbing Bilis  & Masak Lemak Nenas ) and of course, lime or asam jawa/tamarind are the other two for streaming into curries or our sambal dishes ( Tamarind Prawn Curry , Ayam Masak Tiga Rasa , Sambal Udang Petai &  Asam Pedas Ikan ), or maybe I should include vinegar as well. For this Ikan Goreng Asam, its tamarind. Tamarind juice and salt as the marination for fish, followed by fish being fried and of course, we need a dip right? Dip which must be spicy, salty and along a touch of sweetness? Potentially ( Fried Fish with Soy Sauce , Ikan Masak Kicap & Crispy Chilli Fish ). Ikan Goreng Asam? Sourness is definit

Gem Restaurant (Jalan Gasing) Petaling Jaya

I haven't been really cooking for the past week or so. No! no! Kitchen isn't permanently closed. Just that there's been other pressing priorities like the never ending family matters, events and why cook when the other half is away. Usually when I am alone, I pack back hawker food instead of rolling the pots and pans for the sake of impressing the neighbours. Sundays too sometimes laziness creeps in especially after staying up late watching tv. Of course, we all know nothing like home cooked meals to please the soul mate. Then again, waking up late surely a luxury these days and the luxury should continue with a meal at restaurants. After all, I'm sure you will agree that eating out is healthy for relationships. Relaxing and bonding over a meal it should be but please, put the Ipad and Iphone aside.       

Fried Fish with Soy Sauce

How easy sometimes it can be. Not always though and unless and until you decide you want easiness. Easiness by far can take place in your and my kitchen as well ( Mapo Tofu  & Fried Prawn Wanton )? Of course. Without a doubt when we don't feel like rolling aplenty pots and pans and we actually yearn for simplicity. Take this Fried Fish with Soy Sauce ( Ikan Masak Kicap ) as an example. I actually got the fish monger to clean the fish  ( Yong Tau Foo ) and when I returned home, I gave fish a good rinse in lime water, prior to moving on to cooking ( Fish Ball Noodle Soup ). Cooking basically meaning dusting fish with corn flour, rice flour and seasoned by pepper and salt, thereafter deep fried and removed from wok. Up next? Frying ginger till crispy ( Thai Crispy Fish & Chilli Lime Fish ) and kept aside, before making the easy sauce and this sauce, as well as fried ginger going over fried dish and spring onion garnished. Over, over. Our Fried Fish with Soy Sauce is ready

The Porki Society @Sea Park (Petaling Jaya)

My Sunday routine is pretty straightforward. After a glass or two of quality wine on Saturday night (not always, wish quality wine is affordable), I sleep in late prior to taking my own sweet time for waking up next morning. Obviously have to be next morning right, can't be two days later, just kidding, thereafter it all depends. If I feel like cooking, lazy cooking for me is nasi goreng/fried rice. Otherwise, its coffee shop food. Last Sunday however was a different story all together. At the invitation of The Porki Society, the latest food freebie in Sea Park which specializes in authentic Thai food and mind you, truly a porki society as reflected in their name, I made my way to this familiar area. Sea Park and SS2? Believe me, my territory for 17 years until I was literally force to move to Shah Alam due to tying the knot to this Indian man who is actually anti-pork. He did nevertheless, drive me to Sea Park. Thank you hunny bunny!

Heritage Village - Jaya Shopping Centre (Section 14, Petaling Jaya)

And so, I was invited, I arrived enthusiastically all the way from Shah Alam after beating the massive jam to make it earlier. In fact, I was the first few. As usual, hi and hello, of course, not all bloggers are user friendly. They do totally ignore you. Others will give you a faint smile, whereas some somehow seemingly won't be happy that you are part of this bloggers food review ( HungryGoWhere ). Like I cared anyway? I waited and within the next 20 minutes, dishes were rolled out. God, so slow the pace, didn't help that this photo capturing the best shots by the hard cores irritated the lights out of me. What can I do? Nothing. Almost an hour for picturing, hunger meanwhile has massively killed me until I really felt like walking out to eat elsewhere, prior to dashing home. Then again, in all good mannerism, I awaited in this stylish, spacious and resembling a modern Nyonya ambiance restaurant. Food, cold food which was put to cold storage because of picturing madness,

Cincalok Omelette

Pictures went bizzared. I make mistakes too, its not always golden rain for me. Aplenty mistakes made, I tried to redo them, I guess only so far I could do. As you have noticed, pictures to this Malaysian authentic egg dish I know didn't turn out good. Then again, no point spilling over spilled milk, I guess sometimes its not the pictures, but its the person who sincerely and genuinely share meaningful recipes, which will never fail you. In the sense that you can daringly replicate and you will be jolly good be fine. Okay. Egg is the story today ( Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich , Egg Potato Salad , Egg Sodhi  & Egg Chicken Vinegar ), as well you need to get a bottle of cincalok (I've attached the picture). 

Chili's (Empire Subang)

Chilli's in Empire Subang. I don't think, I doubt you will have a hard time spotting which is Chilli's. On the ground floor itself and once you have entered Empire Subang and you walk just a distance towards the right hand side, Chilli's ( Serai Empire  and  Lameeya ) Bold prominent signboard and spacious, classy dining area. Why did I end in Chilli's? Lunch with a close friend and she suggesting  Chilli's. Why not. After all. My philosophy to food spotting? You never try, you never know. Instead of getting carried away by what others share, write and speak? Into Chilli's just as they were getting ready to welcome customers, we sat and menu popped up at once. Oh-My! Aplenty choices until we didn't know where to start. Eventually, we have to decide right? Can't be staring at the menu forever? What did we order? Pina Chilada, Triple-Dipper, Crispy Honey Chipotle Chicken, Loaded Potato and Ice Lemon Tea (free refills).