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Aunty Manju's Home Of Banana Leaf Lunch - Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

( Image Credit - Aunty Manju' s) Money sickness is apparently the major struggle sickness these days. Are you now asking me what this nava-k’s whole theory of money sickness is about? My pleasure. Allow me to pour the whole bucket of it. Money sickness basically means working our butt in-out for sustaining our lifestyle, money sickness is also interpreted as falling sick mentally and physically when we don’t have enough money. Really, I can pretty much understand why. Making ends meet I suppose is easier said than done, especially in the city where people judge you by the car you drive, the house you live, your grandest wedding and your whiz kids millions of talents. Basically again, money is akin the broadband router to social status and when you can’t keep up with the “Kardashians”, money sickness sucks massively.

Verandah Restaurant @ Cyberview Resort & Spa - Iftar Buffet

To celebrate the holy month of Ramadhan after the challenging long day of fasting, nothing is more rewarding than gathering with family and friends over a pleasurable festive buffet. While hotels all over Malaysia are abuzz with the preparation of meals to satisfy the hunger pangs, Cyberview Resort & Spa @Verandah Rrestaurant invites diners to delight the taste buds with its Iftar buffet within the backdrop of a serene tropical garden. Absolutely a feast on “live-on-wok” seafood galore when Chef Imran and his team generously stir-fry in action on fresh swimming tiger prawns, fish, cockles, bamboo clams and stingray ala-Thai style.

Restaurant Syed Kadir - Seksyen 3, Shah Alam

The other Syed in Shah Alam. In fact, if I am not mistaken, not very far from  Restaurant Syed Sekyen 9 . Our agenda for popping by in Restaurant Syed Kadir Seksyen 3? What else? Another testing of Nasi Briyani. Supposedly a good catch and match as in Syed Seksyen 9 as we were told and of course, we must find out for ourselves right? This Syed is definitely very much bigger. A corner lot, but even before 12pm, my goodness. Literally swarmed by mostly Malay customers. Thank god we managed to find a table outside and within minutes, service coming to our attention. What did we order? Obviously, in tandem to our food mission, we ordered Bukhara Chicken Briyani, Mutton Briyani, and for drinks, Sweet Lassi and Sky Juice. Ordering was pretty much really snappy, but the waiting before food and drinks were placed on our table? At least 15 minutes by the daintily walking around staff.