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San Nae Deul Korean BBQ Buffet @ Nexus Bangsar

They say marriage is made in heaven. Maybe yes, maybe no. In our case, cupid struck our arrow when we were clubbing and getting tipsy together. Eventually, our marriage was made in the most basic, simplest ceremony instead of a lavish wedding for impressing the social media. Amidst the hardest kick start for building our cocoon tiniest nest, its been, touch wood, so far so good without major love hurricane lashing. Honestly, I have no complaints whatsoever. We have indeed survived many donkey years despite the every now and then, sometimes, more than often minor or major massive love wars. Like many marriages, ours is not perfection and when food is a concern, we are at the crossroad. My other half-half, is the typical Indian food Indian man, plus, pork is taboo for him. Whereas I, the modern Indian woman, love Chinese food to every bit of its core. An all time favourite of mine is definitely babi/pork. Yum-yum. Anytime, any which way. Henceforth, when this food invitation for a Ko

Verandah Restaurant @ Cyberview Resort & Spa - Iftar Buffet

To celebrate the holy month of Ramadhan after the challenging long day of fasting, nothing is more rewarding than gathering with family and friends over a pleasurable festive buffet. While hotels all over Malaysia are abuzz with the preparation of meals to satisfy the hunger pangs, Cyberview Resort & Spa @Verandah Rrestaurant invites diners to delight the taste buds with its Iftar buffet within the backdrop of a serene tropical garden. Absolutely a feast on “live-on-wok” seafood galore when Chef Imran and his team generously stir-fry in action on fresh swimming tiger prawns, fish, cockles, bamboo clams and stingray ala-Thai style.

Big Hug Burger - Subang Square SS15 (Subang Jaya)

At Big Hug Burger, you can freely hug the big or small teddies. You sure can, one of things noticeable the moment you walk in. Generally, its the sweet young thing dollies who won't stop posing with the teddies, of course nothing should stop you from doing the same. Did I? Oh please, I am not a young doll anymore, I think there's more to my life than still holding on to teddy bear hugging which most probably I did during my younger years. Also, look, I am not questioning the cleanliness in Big Hug Burger, but I wonder if these teddies have been dusted? Well and good, if teddies are vacuum sucked every now and then, otherwise, if you sensitive to dust mites, I think you should forget about teddy hugging. Maybe, a better option will be hugging the friendly owner who is proud of her background in the advertisement industry, which I am assuming trigger started this her pride and joy burger outlet. 

The Manila Foodshoppe - Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines

First and foremost, thank you to Ms. Charlotte for sharing this post with us.  Do check out her blog at    Love2 Type   where you will find many other interesting and intriguing reviews as well. She brings us today her experience of having dined at one of the eateries from where she is from - Philippines.

Tony Roma's (The Curve, Mutiara Damansara)

When you literally can't say no to celebrating your friend's birthday? We accommodate right?. We can't say no to good friends? Possibly we can't. Henceforth, on this Friday evening, we took the roads for driving all the way from PJ to Mutiara Damansara. Duh! What a drive which tested our patience outrightly. Regardless, like I have already told you, for the happiness of friends? Tony Roma's by the way is not alien to us. We have dined in their Sunway outlet, maybe twice. Anything different in Tony Roma's The Curve. Nothing if you are asking me. The same ambiance, the same menu and service pretty much attentive.