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Tempe Orek (Indonesian Spicy Fermented Soy Beans)

Indonesian Food ( Ikan Cabe Ijo ). Indonesian Cuisine ( Terong Balado Pedas Manis ). Indonesian Cooking ( Sayur Lodeh ). Yes I am. I am the star. The number one, glittering, shining star. The star as an avid, number one fan of Indonesian food or Indonesian cuisine. I am also the glossy, twinkling and lighted up star as well to Indonesian cooking ( Sambal Goreng Teri ). Of course. I know. Self praise is a disgrace. Then again? Who cares? I don't because if you don't praise yourself, like what? You are waiting for others to praise you? Oh please. Cut the crab. Anyway , I am without a doubt, the cooking star in my kitchen. In my own ways as the Indonesian chef in my house. But not like kinda, I have cooked a whole, long stretch of Indonesian dishes. The essentials though. The most probably, famed ones though ( Ikan Balado ) and my trip to Indonesia a couple of years ago? Oh-My-My-Love ( Surakarta/Solo ). The daily food love affair to Indonesian food happiness, which included the v