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Sambal Style Sardine Fry

This sardine cooking story in my house? Always, forever and I am absolutely  certain  will go on, and on. Either every now and then, or for a fact, I reckon, every often like a rapid fire or towering inferno.  What's with sardines in my house if your curiousity is killing you? In other words, why sardines are one of our food prides? Actually, you know what? I really don't have an absolute answer for you. Perhaps better be said as, because fish is sort of a favourite in my house ( Western Style Pan Grilled Spicy Salmon ,  Nyonya Fish Curry  &  Ikan Goreng Asam Jawa ), and sardines, especially, since our local catch, they are pretty, really affordable and mind you, tastiness as well. Regardless, whether the fresh ones or canned sardines ( Sardine Varuval  &  Sardine Peratal ). Sardines! Yea. There will always be the favourites to sardines like sardine curries ( Nadan Fish Curry ), or the Malaysian, our chilli based and chilli cooked sardine side dishes. For me personally,