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Freeman Bare Foot Repairing Cracked Heel Treatment

My feet? I told you before right? Yes I did ( Watsons FootEase Cracked Heel Cream ). My feet? They are a disaster. Major. Disaster. On-going disaster. The disastrous cracks and dry skin on my feet ( DU'IT Dry Foot & Heel Roll-A-Balm )? Damn! They won't leave me alone. No. They won't. Oh well! I guess? Never mind. I've accepted them as part of my aging process. Moreover, for someone like me who can't avoid the wear and tear of the feet due to housework, also, me a fidgety person who can't sit still? Like I have worms up my ass? Aha. Then again? Even for those who don't pay attention to their feet, or conveniently fail to gasp the fact that, feet can get run down or worn out, due to dryness and pressure? Of course. The same is applicable ( Dr CHECK Cracked Heel Cream ). Apart from the same feet or foot theory as well, for those who suffer or struggle with feet dryness and cracks due to "Health Is Not Wealth", and for those of you who have men