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Chilli Sardine

Sardines. Whether canned sardines ( Sardine Peratal & Sardine Sambal ) or fresh sardines ( Mathi Achar & Nyonya Acar Fish ). Ahhhh! Sardines. They are, believe me you, they are my biggest savior in my kitchen. Pretty much, or logically, why, the reasoning to me having rolled out a string of sardine recipes this far ( Tempoyak Masak Lemak Sardine ,  Sardine Varuval , Naden Meen Curry  & Sardin Masak Lemak Cili Padi ). Furthermore. Sardines. Usually. Generally. Especially canned sardines? One of my greatest cooking support, stocked up in my pantry. Albeit, if not every often, whenever, fresh sardines are available, they must and they will somehow return home alongside me from the wet market or hypermarket ( Nyonya Hot and Sour Noodles In Fish Soup ,  Nasi Ulam/ Malaysian Mixed Herb Rice & Penang Assam Laksa ) and to a certain extent, when my "My Fifty Five Life" cooking style is a concern ( Sardine Rolls )? Sure. You can and you must put your trust toward