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The Deck Bar & Restaurant - Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam

I think by now, you must have figured out that I am a Kota Kemuning woman? Yes. Kota Kemuning and Nava K ( Hibikii Japanese Cafe  & Spicy Crab ). Kota Kemuning precisely, and where my "living" and "life"roots have already been strongly planted and grounded.  To be specific, for the last 17 years. The question now is, will I uproot my roots to move elsewhere? I don't think so. I doubt. Will I even consider moving to any of those new residential areas within Kota Kemuning? No. Not at all. Why not? Because I don't have any valid reason or reasons why I should make it a point in moving to anywhere else for the matter. Look, we are already comfortably settled down where we are and we have also, mind you, put a lot of effort in maintaining and up-keeping our house. The last thing I or mutually both of want is moving to a new bigger house for impressing anyone or as a mean of showing off that, success is measured at the size and glam of our house.