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Spicy Crab Kota Kemuning (Revisited)

Spicy Crab! Without a doubt, if I am not mistaken, Spicy Crab has been an unshaken stronghold, corner lot Nyonya, Western and Portuguese  food strength in Kota Kemuning. If I am not mistaken again, been around for the last 9 years or so. In fact, Spicy Crab was one of our first decent food discoveries after we moved to this residential area back then 17 years ago. Of course, needles to say, I am an avid fan of those and their offering of kicking my butt and palates high up spicy, mouth packing Nyonya and Portuguese dishes ( Spicy Crab Portuguese  & Local Cuisine ). Always and forever. What is different in Spicy Crab now compared to during my last dining experience many moons ago? As far as I noted,  as per their printed menu and wall menu? Of course, you can go ahead and pick your choices from the menu. Trust me, more than ample selection of various dishes for your rice meal. Whether for lunch or dinner. We on the other hand settled for their set lunch meals (inclusive of free