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Pachai Sundakkai Kulambu (Fresh Turkey Berry Curry)

Not only fish curry ( South Indian Style Fish Curry ). In fact, any curry for the matter in my house? A must. Yes. Without a doubt. Not for me though. I am okay in exploring various types of dishes, but for my Indian other half-half I have been faithfully married for the last 17 years? Curry, curry and curry ( Mushroom/Kaalan Sour Curry ) for every other meal ( Spinach Chickpea Curry , Brinjal Curry & Vegetable Kadhi ). Basically, no curry, no food hunger or food happiness for him. Perhaps, if I am not mistaken, can I take it as, its the same curry cooking story in your house as well if you are married to a typical Indian man ( Navratan Korma  &  Pavakkai/Bitter Gourd Puli Kuzhambu )? Unless, of course, your husband don't mind cooking his own curries ( Okra Curry & Drumstick Sambar/Dhal Curry ) and he also lovingly cooking meals for you too. Anyhow, whether you are the chef at home or its your spouse, this pot of Nava K invented Pachai Sundakkai Kulambu/ Fresh Tur