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South Indian Style Fish Curry

Fish curry in my house ( Thai Green Fish Curry , Asam Pedas Ikan Bawal  & Malaysian Fish Head Curry )? What can or should I possibly say? If not once a week, at least every fortnight. Even if it’s not fish curry, there must be some sort of fried fish various types ( Fried Fish Soy Sauce , Ikan Goreng Asam  & Thai Crispy Fish ). Obviously for the matter every few days once due to? Fish being the brain food for my other half-half. Mmmm? Cooking for our loved or loving ones? You tell me please. I am sure you know what I am talking about? Easier said than done I suppose and we women mostly, in fact, all the time making it a point in cooking what our loved ones will pleasure into. Furthermore, over the years, honestly, though I did try, I have given up on trying to coax my other half-half in trying chicken ( Karaikudi Chicken Curry ) or pork ( Pork Bulgogi ). Not worth because trust me, food can actually rock the marriage boat. Especially when age has caught up and you realize