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Thai Odyssey @ klia2 (Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Sepang)

 Me time, my time or our time to us. Wouldn’t you agree is important and should be our priority? Of course if you are asking me. Maybe not always because I am one person who believe there must be check and balance in everything we do, but every now and then, we must really put ourselves at the forefront for doing whatever pleasing to us. Can be anything for the matter and not necessarily packing our bags for travelling the horizon, yet it can be even the smallest things instead of procrastinating, or debating within ourselves or putting on a drama for secretly hoping others will find time for us. Nonsense! Stop sitting and waiting. Instead you should move your own butt in finding even a few hours for being alone by ditching everything aside. Yes ladies. Please! Albeit I am definitely not referring to the current generation of women who, trust me, are the lucky ones. All cared for by mum or even husbands these days? Glorifying and worshipping the ground their wives walk by giving t