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DU'IT Dry Foot & Heel Roll-A-Balm

Our foot or our feet. The lowest part, the part cushioning and supporting us. In fact, our feet are our pillars of strength. I am sure you are agreeing ? I hope you are because? Imagine? Can you imagine or have you given a thought that our feet are the engine for our whole body? Our feet taking us from one spot to the other. Whether to the closest distance or further. My question now is? What happens when our feet gets worn out? Wear and tear which we can choose to ignore or we are concern about. Wear and tear in return meaning crack heel and dryness ( Rosken Skin Repair Feet & Heel Balm ). Notably, slowly or surely showing up. Should we be concern? Should we worry? Should we then pay attention to this part of body? Of course. There's no doubt about it. We should. Otherwise? Feet ugliness, and possibly infection, maybe even pain and we struggling in walking. Yes. To a certain extent or perhaps better for us to accept these facts as the reality. Henceforth, what should we d