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The Social - Empire Subang, Subang Jaya

Friendship bonding? Important. I am not saying no. I must agree friendship bonding, maybe not an utmost top priority, but it is without a doubt important. Important for nourishing our inner senses and feelings even for someone like who generally am a solo-socializer. Yea right. For those of you who know me personally or in the visual world, I bet you have already gathered the fact that I am not only a solo-socializer, I am as well a solo-traveler. Solo-socializing mostly when I need a break out of my house ( Ten Years Sunway , Penang Road Cendol Sunway  & The Coffee & Bar ) and mainly for appreciating my own company is the best company. I guess this thing to enjoying your own company is profound once age catches, especially when the bell has rung hard for indicating that if you can enjoy your own company, you won't depend on friends for putting your happiness in perspective? Remember, those friendship matters I have already told you before? Nevertheless, in all fairnes