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Restoran Seafood Li Ming - Kota Kemuning, Selangor

How aptly. Each time there’s a family lovingly, supposedly, coming together celebration, Kota Kemuning seemingly is the prime location. I am not complaining. Not at all. Sincerely, I am without a doubt really fine. No reason for getting worked up because Kota Kemuning is our almost 15 years territory. Looks like I have let the cat out of the bag as well, catch it if you can, we don't have worry about driving far out and somehow or rather, its also our call which eatery it should be. Maybe due to I am known as an adventurous foodie, just guessing, not absolute, or its a matter of convenience to the rest. Whichever, I really am unsure, for this  another "in laws must be put as priority", whether you like it or not, the moment you settle down, I could think of none except Restaurant Li Ming. Listed as one of the food pridefulness of Kota Kemuning, yet to be known, but what became prior frustrating is calling them at the hand-phone for two days in a row. God! Wonder why n