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Restaurant D' Maduras - Batu Caves, Selangor

God and me?  Me and god? I reckon we are best of friends in our own ways. We sincerely have come a long way. From the time I was literally forced by my mum to pray. As young as, if I am not mistaken, actually I can’t even recall at what age, yet, one thing is absolutely certain. If I didn't pray, nor help mum in cleaning the altar, mum will get really angry and trust me, you wouldn't like mum when she's angry. Speak about Indian mothers those days? Scary oh-boy or oh-girl! Not to say the current generation of mums are not tyrants, these dollings, trendy, modern and social media Indian mums however undoubtedly are a  different category all together. Mothers who will  ensure daughters obtain highest education, never mind, who cares if you cheat during exams by writing the answers on your legs or hands, or go to extent of hiding the answers in the toilet. Additionally, if at all you settle down, its okay as well if you fancy frilly change boyfriends like changing clothes,