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La Mer - The Moisturizing Soft Cream

Been pending for some time. I have actually been toying, thinking and debating whether I should start using La Mer The Moisturising Soft Cream on my 53 year old, combination sensitive skin or allow it occupy a permanently space on my beauty dressing table. I did though initially, believe me, in all atop super "Yippie-Yeh" excitement, apply La Mer  The Moisturising Soft Cream, perhaps for  4 to 5 times. Subsequently, for some reason or rather or for reasons I myself am unsure, I ditched it aside completely.However, logically, we all are aware that there’s no point hoarding such an exclusive, really expensive and breaking our bank account moisturizer . Unbelievably expensive, mind you, at least for me. Remember I told you previously ( La Mer Eye Balm & La Mer SPF 50 )? Of course, for the rich and famous or those hard core beauties, paying almost RM800.00 for this deemed as the magical formula cream is no sweat dripping. But for the ordinary average women like us, the r