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Menopause - My Blood Story (Part 2)

I suppose, sincerely, “age sky” is the limit for us to learn from each other. Of course, I agree, age is wholesomely packaged alongside bountiful bouncing experiences and maturity, but that does not mean we know it all. I am still learning in my 50’s mind you. Recently after releasing my Part 1 “ Menopause My Blood Story ”, I learned that we women are together-forever for learning from each other on menopause and coming with it symptoms. Moreover, I have concluded that unlike our grandmas and mums who silently battled menopause, we, we must actually, we are definitely liberal enough on being out-rightly honest about menopause. We should ladies. Come of it. If we don't support each other, we can't openly speak about menopause and nothing should hold us back from discussing it on social media? If sweet lollipops are not shy in flaunting their up there and down there down, we shouldn't shun away from discussing pre-menopause or post-menopause? We shall right now. Yes, no