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Sambal Tumis Telur

And the list goes on and on for egg dishes ( Fried Egg Oyster Sauce ). All sorts believe me. Eggs being the glistering ingredient in my house ( Kiri Hodi/Egg Sodhi , Egg Vindaloo , Egg Curry Masala ,  Egg Rasam , Egg Potato Curry  &  Beansprout Omelette ). Furthermore, what about sambal? Lemme just quote two. Otherwise, we will all go mad on which to opt for ( Sambal Goreng Teri   & Sambal Belimbing Ikan Bilis ). Today, its egg and sambal lovingly hugging each other in this Sambal Tumis Telur.  Nevertheless, not the ordinary Egg Sambal. Different. Of course. When I myself am a class of my own, so must be my  Sambal Tumis Telur. What is different? I added dried shrimps and I also added grown in my garden basil leaves for the beautiful aroma. Power! Attractive, vibrant, spicy, tangy Sambal Tumis Telur.