Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pork Bulgogi

Pork is my life. Though not in my house. Obviously, for one particular reason. My other half-half and his anti-pork eating. Regardless, to be fair to him, he has no qualms to me cooking (Steamed Pork with Salted Fish). Then again? Cooking a dish for yourself? I can in fact for a matter, yet? I just feel its a waste of time because there's no short of pork meals outside. Of course, every once a blue moon, really once a blue moon mind you, a pork dish is rolled out from my kitchen (Siew Yoke & Char Siu) and on this particular day, I decided. I made Pork Bulgogi (Moo Gook/Korean Radish Soup). Paired alongside a Korean style cucumber tomato salad and as usual, my style of cooking is my own style. Pork Bulgogi made from the ingredients already stocked up in my pantry and fridge instead of, I mean, why bother buying ingredients when you can make do with what you have? Pork Bulgogi. The honey, soy sauce, sticky spicy style. I did it. I bet you can as well.

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