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San Nae Deul Korean BBQ Buffet @ Nexus Bangsar

They say marriage is made in heaven. Maybe yes, maybe no. In our case, cupid struck our arrow when we were clubbing and getting tipsy together. Eventually, our marriage was made in the most basic, simplest ceremony instead of a lavish wedding for impressing the social media. Amidst the hardest kick start for building our cocoon tiniest nest, its been, touch wood, so far so good without major love hurricane lashing. Honestly, I have no complaints whatsoever. We have indeed survived many donkey years despite the every now and then, sometimes, more than often minor or major massive love wars. Like many marriages, ours is not perfection and when food is a concern, we are at the crossroad. My other half-half, is the typical Indian food Indian man, plus, pork is taboo for him. Whereas I, the modern Indian woman, love Chinese food to every bit of its core. An all time favourite of mine is definitely babi/pork. Yum-yum. Anytime, any which way. Henceforth, when this food invitation for a Ko