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Vineria.It Cucina & Bar (Bukit Bandaraya, Kuala Lumpur)

One of the major important lessons for me as a food blogger is none except knowing very well that an invited food review will forever be simply the best. Sincerely. Believe me you. Unlike when you walk in as another customer, invitation means everything will be super-duper mind blowing. Table already set-up, menu prior arranged, utmost welcoming customer service, so on and so forth, I can go on and on to affirm that nothing will fall short. Walking into Vineria.It after almost two hours of crawling during this Friday jam, all the way from Shah Alam, until I was so close to turning back, but a promise is a promise because I have agreed, additionally, at my splitting headache and my hair literally soaking wet due to rushing for making it on time, seriously guy, I immediately fell in love with their ambiance. Especially once I took further steps towards the outside dining area, overlooking the exclusive high end condominiums or huge houses. Supposedly owned by the rich socialites, o