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M136 Coffee House - Maluri (Kuala Lumpur)

I can't help it. Memories does return for waking me whenever I return to a familiar ground. I guess its one of those things you can't ditch aside especially when age has caught up with us. Of course, undeniably, age is packed with years of our experiences of what we have done, the right and the wrong, let alone pitching ourselves in joy and happiness on those good old days. Maluri for me used to be at the back of my hands. I, if not often, I can be seen in Maluri at least once a week when I was an itsy-bitsy sweet lollipop and where I patiently awaited for my ex-boyfriend to finish work and before we start our plain simple and no frill dating. Those years of dating definitely is incomparable to the current generation, in fact, our dating was nothing of that sort of dining or money spending romance. It was purely me waiting and hopping into his car prior to driving around aimlessly and chatting until I am dropped off further far from my house to avoid mummy dearest spying an