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Dressing For Special Occasions - In Our Fifties

Whatever you wish to say about age is definitely entirely up to you. Of course your opinion matters, I won't deny. For some people, maybe even for the most of us in our age group of fifties, we like to convince ourselves that age is nothing more except a number, whereas how we feel inside and within us matter more than anything else instead of accepting the fact that age has caught up on us. I other hand must tell you that age does make a difference in the way we carry ourselves. Carrying our self in return is about the whole lock, stock and barrel of our totality. The way we speak, our maturity, our actions, our opinion, each and every word we utter, how we socialise and we must include our dressing image as well. Nevertheless, as I have said earlier, to each our own. By all means, go ahead, dress as it pleases you, for me personally, dressing for my age is about how I want others to perceive me. Indeed, a relation and and co-relation of our age professionalism. Dressing for