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Safi Rania Gold Eye Contour Cream

Its still tricky and eye boggling as ever till this day in combating, mainly the dark circles around my peepers. Maybe its age as well, or even my lifestyle, my lifestyle of staring at the laptop day in day out and also my non-raging hormones, I wish, I sincerely do, I can keep my peepers as attractive as easily perceived. But the reality is otherwise. Indeed. Then again, having said that, I have not given up. Never say die or fight till your last drop of your beauty blood will always be my lifetime eye beauty mission. An eye cream, no matter what, is a must for all of us ladies. Whether you are young or old, please do not take your eyes for granted. For me personally, an eye cream without a doubt is important for harnessing my eye area. I am by the way already 51, eye cream for me is an absolute must twice a day. Yes ladies, twice a day. Whether you prefer the high end brands or as per your budget  ( MAC Moisture Eye Cream   & La Colline Eye Mask ).   I, to tell you the tru