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Travelling Solo When You Are Married

( Turkey ) Gender equality, women's right, freedom to women's speech, plunging through the glass ceiling, so on and so forth, honestly, I think we all are good at preaching or even without thinking twice, we profess on each and every of these contexts on social media. But lemme tell you that once I started seeing the world on my own ( Chiang Rai/Chiang Mai ), I realize many of us are living our lives like the katak dibawah tempurung/frog under a coconut shell. Really, believe me you. Until I am so tired of explaining to each and every one I bump into while travelling why I am solo trip-travelling. Unbelievable the questions people throw at me, some of course will go to the extent of plotting their own theories like I must be a lonely woman, I am divorced or I don't have friends or whatever, ever and ever. Goodness gracious. God save these people please ( Dubai , Libra Cruise  & Phuket ).