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Staying Fit Through Your 50s

Staying fit through our 50s I suppose is easier to preach, but when it comes to putting it into perspective, we can fail. I know. I am with all of you ladies who are agreeing. Tell me about it. Not only we have aged, our literally every part of our body has aged with us as well. I suppose ageing is part and parcel of life, no doubt about it, I don't think we can bounce back our body to how it used to be when we were younger. Admittedly, the reality bullet of life does bite into our shape and size, and for ladies like me who have gone through childbirth and motherhood, additionally, the years of managing our career and home affairs, trust me, the practically of behind our doors life does take a toll on our body and looks too. Unless of course if you are a lady of leisure. Money, time or being married to someone who glorifies the ground you walk lets accept will have an impact of staying fit through our 50s. Therefore we shouldn't get carried away with the young memes, or