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Smart Casual Wear For Ladies In Their Fifties

Over the years, I have learned one important element to my own fashion style. Style is me, style is what I perceive, style is what I can afford and style definitely is not blindly following the rich and famous. We did speak about all of these, can you recall ( Casual Wear For Ladies In Their Fifties , Sarong Fashion Statement & Saree Fashion Statement )? Indeed, we did. I for once believe that being fashion smart must begin with understanding who we are. By the time we have reached our big five, I reckon we have already gathered what is appropriate on us. Sadly though, I know of women who still have not gasped the facts to what is an appropriate fashion fit for them. Flaunting is one thing remember, the other is flaunting at the right place. Ladies please. Plunging neckline may be your fashion statement, but if your booties are already sagging and you can't even be bothered to wear a bra that can put your boobies in place, for my sake, don't embarrass yourself. Addit