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Casual Wear For Women In Their 50's

The big five is big jump mind you. It is. I don't know about you, for me, it is a massive major jump. When I first hit the big five mark, honestly everyone, I thought all hell gonna be the start to hell. Wasn't easy for me to accept. I actually had a  hard time digesting the fact that I am already in my fifties. Oh-good-god! So many things ran through my mind. Aplenty what ifs, aplenty questions facing future, eventually, I realise I can't turn back time. I have to move on. On one side I was glad I have achieved some great milestones, on the other I know we will still continue to face challengers even in our beauty and fashion counts no matter what. Guess what is the first thing I did when I turned fifty? Can you guess? The first thing I did was clearing my closet. No point holding on to memories of those clothes I wore when I was younger. What is the point, I couldn't stop asking myself. Am I kidding myself? Am I cheating myself? Why I am hoarding my yesteryears