Friday, January 15, 2016

Sarong - Fashion Statement (Hail Our Fifties Ladies)

Hi Ladies,
How's everyone doing? Hopefully all of you are as strong and as tough as ever. Remember something! Never allow anyone to get to you. Not even your spouse. He of course must be there for you, but he can't simply take over your life. He shouldn't by right. Unless we are up to man cheeky mischief behind his back? Can you please put a stop to your so called harmless flirting with another man? I am sure we won't tolerate any bit of our husbands innocent or intentional, in the name of women friendship? I for once won't. I am one of those who don't flirt with my male friends, so why should I close my eyes to him texting? Harmless flaunting mind you is the start to our marriage wracking us up in return. Unless both of you are in an open marriage relationship which by way is common these days. For me, no matter what, I can't accept him being over-friendly with women. Say all you want, I will never change my mind. Because when it comes to even my dressing, I care about how he feels. Not to say I don't have common sense, but if my other half-half feel I am a fashion disaster, and he out-rightly think I look like a clown or slut in what I am wearing, it matters to me. After all, I myself want to remain as someone who is sensible to my fashion style. Trust me, what may have looked perfect on us when we were younger won't take us through our fifties. Lets grow old professionally, lets uphold our dignity. 

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