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Saree - The Fashion Statement

It is one thing to wholeheartedly embracing the big 5, I actually initially to tell you the truth couldn't accept that half a century is behind me, eventually reality did kick in, the other is ageing gracefully. Even though some "thingies" more of less can't be the same, no, they won't be, trust me please, I know what I am talking about, we sincerely must be proud of our age. But somehow I personally know of women who no matter what, won't just admit their age. Like I can't guess anyway. Come of it ladies. Who are we kidding? Ourselves? Maybe? Older ladies especially will try their level best by not admitting their age, and in return, intentionally or unintentionally resort to lying. The standard answers are a whole lot of none except for defending their age. Some will conveniently say - I'm your age (funny!), or why, why you want to know? Whereas others will throw back the question on me by asking - "Do I look so old"? or guess and tha