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Flight Club (By Plaza Premium Group) - Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)

Say all you want, you may even perceive me as a standard mudguard, as you please if you want to, I for all I am, I am one of those who prefer to fly in and out of  KLIA. Not to say I don't "Fly Away Nava K" in low cost carriers, I do, I actually do, but in most instances, its pretty much for short haul flights. Before I speak any further, lemme make myself really clear why Kuala Lumpur International Airport is my choice. At my age, for you information, I am not a sweet young lolly anymore, life actually is quite settled. Therefore I can afford the comfort of flying. Luxury flying for me obviously is in KLIA. A decent meal is also akin customary before I fly in air because I for once, no matter what, I am overall not a flight meal person. Of course, I don't mind juices and coffee, alcohol by the way is a big no in case I get carried away, but flight food on the whole is not for me even if its the best among the rest.