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Nasi Minyak

Nasi Minyak? Got you wondering? What is Nasi Minyak? Our Malaysian, specifically Malay style ( Pucuk Ubi Masak Lemak ) rice dish cooked alongside quite a whole list of ingredients. Mainly of course our local herbs and spices, and nasi minyak if I am not wrong, must be regarded as another rice dish trending near, far or close to Briyani ( Burmese Briyani , Hyderabadi Vegetable Briyani & Vegetable Briyani ). Why? Pretty much the main elements speaking for themselves. The main elements of ghee ( Ghee Rice ), spices, nuts, raisin, and of course any kinda of rice dish which is quite outstanding must be made with Basmati rice. We in Malaysia are also not short of our other famed rice dishes ( Nasi Kerabu , Nasi Bunga Telang ,  Nasi Ulam  & Nasi Dagang ). Each and every one of it is a representation of our Malaysian food colors ( Nasi Pudina & Nasi Kunyit ) and Nasi Minyak on the whole, a rich, filling, aromatic and like a must have for special occasions rice dish. Further