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Cafe Olle, Desa Sri Hartamas (Kuala Lumpur)

This age thing of mine. Age and forgetfulness. I may be wrong, generally I am not a forgetful person, neither am I one who forgive easily. Yet, ever since my fifties wrestled the better half of me, could also be due to many things going on at one go, tell me about it, I am becoming forgetful. Event is supposedly the following week, though I got the day right, like a hero I came all the way to Desa Sri Hartamas ( Backofen Cafe ) from Shah Alam. All dressed up to look presentable for my age, furthermore, waking up quite early on a Saturday, my forgetfulness indeed was a downer. Damn! Damn frustrating! Bouncing back to reality within the next 5 minutes or so, I had to. I can't be staring at the road forever, there was nothing much I could do anyway, the next question that ran through my mind was whether I should about turn return home immediately or should I do breakfast which definitely rare is the case for me.