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Rakshee - The Strand, Kota Damansara

Obviously, I like to believe, we all belong to a certain religion? Even cult following, Charles Manson following is a religion, some people are free thinkers as well. Whatever or whichever religion we automatically are born into, from day one we step into this world from mothers love mothers worm, or later, we embrace another religion due to our personal reasons, each religion I believe comes with its set of beliefs. For me, as a staunch Hindu, never will I ever compromise my Hinduism for another, beef indeed is a taboo. Nevertheless, I chose not to comment neither criticize other Hindus who eat beef. I, on my two hands, one mouth, one throat and one tummy, am still holding on strong to my Hinduism beliefs. Henceforth, you must be wondering why on earth did I accept this food invitation in Rakshee. For a fact, beef, lemme tell you, is the core to their food delightness. One which I already knew about, yet I chose to be amongst the rest of the beef eaters. Well, lemme put it this wa