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Cantin - Mid Valley Megamall

Call it over-excitement, as usual, this lady, Nava K, in her fifties, she gets over-excitement for the most slightest smallest thingies. Maybe its her Indian genes, maybe the outcome of watching Tamil movies, maybe, I reckon, over-excitement may also be due to her age. Her fifties, or fifties on the whole by far, means life has quieten down, empty nest and whatever it may be for each of us. Consequently, I like to assume, people in their fifties like me, most probably, we get over-excited for no apparent reason or its just me, myself and I? The person I am? Whatever the reason is why we all get excited, lemme now tell you that when I was told a food review is awaiting me in "Cantin", the moment the word Cantin digested on my mind, I visualised a real cantin. You know cantin? Those school cantins or factory cantins? However, when I came over to this actual Cantin, accompanied by niece, it then clicked my mind, why potentially this eatery is known as Cantin. Obviously, as