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For Goodness Cakes - Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur

The pride of Desa Sri Hartamas. Sincerely. My first time ever, first dining experience of mine in For Goodness Cakes, For Goodness Cakes indeed is every pound of a pride. Parking in Desa Sri Hartamas on the other hand, may bleed your heart, yes, it will. So, be prepared, be prepared to do the rounds, be careful too while driving via the tight lanes and also cars parked haphazardly at the whims and fancy of anyone for the matter. Big branded cars, or small cars, additionally, you will bump into Westerners who actually are more humble and simple compared to Malaysians who feel they are a class above the rest because they walk, they date and they dine with Westerners. I am not saying all, but some Malaysians do have a chip on their shoulders. Sadly, especially, I don't know whats with Indian women who think Westerners can boost their egos, and rise up their standards, higher up above the rest of us Malaysians. Like I care anyway? Oh-please! Nothing like my knight in dark skin who