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KimchiHaru - SS15, Subang Jaya

Love is complicated, isn't it? I know. I reckon so. Many of us fail to understand that compatibility in marriage is not only about status, position, power, money and flaunting our beautiful lovey-dovey moments and pictures. Behind the scene of a marriage, things does brew. One of it, ask this woman who have been married for donkey years, and I will tell you that food is one of the most important or impotent, oppie, actually come to think of it, impotent is one of it as well, let me for the time being stick to food compatibility. We women generally give in. We always put our men as the priority and we tend to cook for their happiness. And sometimes, it can be shocking too to find out what our husbands eat or don't. One which of course we are aware while we are courting, yet, we usually tend to put it aside. Maybe we are hoping we can change our husbands food lingo or often, we believe we can get them to try food they really are not keen in. But, at the end of the day, not al