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Malgudi Classic Indian Cuisine (Lorong Universiti C, Petaling Jaya)

Malgudi. The name by itself made me so happy. Don't ask me why or what not, really, I am not one of those who is good at explaining my profound inner feelings. Basically, let me repeat myself again. Malgudi sounded so mystical, magical and legendary once I was told about it. Obviously, an Indian name, of course, silly billy me for even mentioning, sincerely, I was so fascinated with the name until I couldn't wait to bulldoze towards Malgudi. All plans I thought was well set for my day in Malgudi, but this Indian man of mine backed out. Who else? The man I have been married for donkey years. He backed off for the simply reason that Friday night is his gala alcohol entertainment night. He was worried if he can wake up on time next morning. To tell you the truth, I too felt the same way. Instints. They won't fail you, believe me or maybe because you know your spouse inside out, upside down. So, when he voiced out his concern two days before we are suppose to head to Malgud