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Miris Malu

Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan food deliciousness again ( Sri Lankan Carrot Salad ,  Malu Kirata  & Kiri Hodi ). That's right ladies and gentlemen. Me, quite a Lankan home chef. What's store in for us today? Miris Malu. Miris Malu? Sri Lankan Fish Curry and my version from my Malaysian kitchen. Malaysian kitchen ( Mathi Achar , Meen Puttu , Indian Spiced Salmon & Bengali Yogurt Fish Curry )? Indeed. Me giving a twist to the originality of Miris Malu for my version. In other words, Nava-K's version. But, lemme me assure you that nothing is compromised. Not spiciness, and definitely not sourness, but? Natural sourness from mango ( Malabar Fish Curry ) instead of Lankan tamarind ( Meen Muringakka Kulambu & Assam Curry Fish ). Should be fine right? Why not? Because, like I have already told you, without compromising on the quintessential fish curry proudness and profoundness on how a typical and authentic Lankan fish curry must be. Furthermore, when cooked in claypot