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Copper Modern European Restaurant - Menara Shell, Tun Sambanthan

This Brickfields girl returned to Brickfields after all these years. Honestly everyone, I was all over excited the moment I arrived in front of Menara Shell. How can I forget this exact spot where Gajan Shell Station was? Right across my house, the 5th house in Jalan Chan Ah Tong. Memories, mind you, did lash twist me upside down, inside out. The memory of me being the two pony tailed rolly-polly Jalan Chan Ah Tong, Jalan Scott and MGS young sweet darling girl. Those 15 years in Brickfields, I have already saved in my internal and external memory cards. Always a treasure for reflecting back, albeit I must admit there were aplenty ugly messy truth as well. Nevertheless, in all fairness, I must say that my growing up years in Brickfields are unforgettable. Putting aside all of it for the time being on this day, I took the lift up to the fifth floor where Copper Modern European Restaurant is.