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Showing posts from October 22, 2015

Way Modern Chinois - Work@Clearwater, Bukit Damansara

Honestly everyone, I am my worst enemy when it comes to driving to a place I have never been to before. Instead of getting it right, albeit having checked over and over on which road will lead to where, I usually, most of the time end up pressing my driving panic button for no apparent reason. For me, road direction is akin a major mind boggling hack. Even if I have been to a particular area before, I still get lost. Can you believe it? To tell you the truth, I actually did fine with driving to Way Modern Chinois. But the moment I turned left into Bukit Damansara, all hell almost broke loose. I lose it. I lost my barrings because I had to drive pass the lunch time carnival like food bazaar, not sure if bazaar is only on Fridays, and also amongst the hundreds of office staff who were walking up and down as though they owned the road. Not bothered. These people were least bothered with keeping an eye on the traffic. As if we drivers must slow down instead of the other way around.