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Showing posts from September 25, 2015

La Casa - Verve Suites Shops (Mont Kiara)

Everything, literally, yes, as I perceived, went on as expected. Driving on a Sunday by itself is less stressful, don't you agree and Mont Kiara being a familiar ground for me, I arrived way earlier for this blogger food event in La Casa. But as usual, anytime is not a good time for Malaysians. No matter what, Malaysians just can't curb their habit of not making it on time. Hard to come by actually, not part of our Malaysian culture though, additionally, when you are gonna be amongst the top tier, A list or first tier bloggers who are so in demand. What else is new? Speak about how busy they are? One event after the other, lined up from the start of the day, until bloggers like Nava K have to go with the flow. Logical then, waiting patiently and calmly is pretty much the forever game not changer. The hard and soft reality of the blogging sphere, one which is not new to me, but honestly, my nerves does get wrecked.