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Okonomi - (Solaris Dutamas) Jalan Dutamas, Publika

Oh god. I thought right, but it turned up wrong. I thought I should potentially get it right with the direction to this part of the city. Yet it ended up all confusing for two primary valid reasons. Don't know if my reasons are gonna sound valid, I still must go ahead and tell you why and why not. Having never ever been to Publika, yes, call me a city alien woman if you must, and unlike many of you, I am not Waze friendly yet. Got you thinking again right? I know. Are you now going like, what? What is wrong with Nava K? I won't blame you. Anyway, at the end of driving around aimlessly and asking around, I arrived in Publika. Securing a parking spot, thank god it's Sunday, I had to literally rush and dash, subsequently, the moment I saw Okonomi's bright signboard, life returned to me. Regardless of the fact that I felt really awkward and embarrass due to punctuality is forever my virtue. So, I went on and on by extending my sincere apologies, at the same time I didn