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Krishna Curry House (Revisited) - SS9A/14. Section 51A Petaling Jaya

I can still recall our Sunday lunch outings to  Krishna Curry House . Yes, Krishna Curry House. One of our favourite food haunts, especially for a laid back, taking our own time banana leaf meal ( Restaurant Sri Paandi Sek 11 , Restaurant Abirami SS15  & Sri Grand City Sek 11 ). Trust me, there is nothing more pleasurable on a Sunday, waking up late, ditching the thought of rolling the pots and pans and taking a slow drive, via the back roads from SS2 to Krishna Curry House. In fact, we do this banana leaf lunch, maybe every, at least once a month, in addition to popping by for tea time for catching up with friends. The favourites in Krishna Curry House has to be none other except their claypot mutton and claypot chicken curry, and being seated at the outside dining area, across the car park and facing the huge trees which does add a touch of as though we are dining in a nature surrounding.