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TBC Cafe @Hatten Melaka (Terminal Pahlawan, Melaka)

Remember, I told you I did a quick review earlier, the moment I arrived in Melaka ( Ramadhan Buffet Hotel Equatorial Melaka )? That's right. TBC Cafe. Quite a shaky start actually because I couldn't immediately locate which is Hatten Melaka. Asking around, and also I manage to see the big signboard atop, I made my way to TBC Cafe, located on level 3. Oh-gosh-good-goodness. Its all cuddly and akin a love spot comfort ambiance. Sincerely, I so loved it. Such a delightful cafe for sitting back, for a laid back, for a relaxing and soothing to your senses by pleasuring over food and drinks. Please feel free, go ahead and cuddle all the cute darlings teddies. Various colors, various expressions, various sizes and there's a merchandise session for purchasing them and other stuffs as well.  Sadly though, when I asked for the person who invited me, I was told that he had already resigned. Wish he had dropped me an email? Nonetheless, I went ahead and told