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Lakme Enrich Satin Lip Color

What did Nava K do next once her mouth, throat and tummy had heartily tucked into the array of food in  Taste Enclave Classic Pavilion ? She decided to walk Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. After all, she, yes its me alright, I think this is my first ever in this shopping mall. Look, I'm being honest. Thus, I thought I might as well for the next an hour wash my eyes on the retail outlets, albeit, confirmed, I can't afford any of the designer brands. Of course, Guardian Pharmacy is affordable for poor people like me. Guardian, by the way is my favourite store where I pick up my beauty products. Pavilion Guardian definitely carries aplenty more stuffs compared to the one in my neighbourhood. Walking inside, honestly, I literally went bongus. Bongus, mind you. You know me and beauty skin care craziness? Oh-my! The first brand that caught my eyes was non other except Lakme. Lakme! Believe me. An unforgettable brand. Wow! How can I forget Lakme. I practically grew with Lakme during my