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Garnier Skin Naturals Light Lightening Peel Off Mask

  Officially, this Garnier Light Lightening Peel Off Mask is the first ever entry of a face beauty mask in my precious space of nava-k, albeit I have, from time to time been constantly testing out all sorts of masks. Back then, when I was in my twenties till forties, I was accustomed to those creamy or sticky gel masks that are packaged in quite huge tubes or tubs. These were the popular and easily available ones I picked up at pharmacies or drug stores. Affordable as well, and mind you, they can last for more than six months, maybe even more if you use once a week. These masks somehow have taken a back step, though they are  still available, nonetheless, with the vast constant and continuous push and pull marketing critical success factors in the beauty industry, we now really don't have to stick to those conventional masks. No, we don't have to, neither I am complaining. In fact, I can't be more than anything else be elated.