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DU'IT Foot And Heel Balm Plus

So I did speak, yes I did, mind you, I did highlight why and what not on neglecting my feet ( Ellgy Plus Cracked Heel Cream ), and how I eventually realise that I should begin somewhere. That somewhere was Ellgy Cream which started me off promisingly. It did help me in keeping my heels safe and sound. But once a foot cream user, trust me, you will always remain as a user. There is no such a thing as a cure for our feet, it is definitely an on-going process by diligently forever applying foot cream. Foot cream is only a remedy, so, lets get moving to which cream I bought next. I opted for this unheard DU'IT balm, the best place to pick up foot cream is the pharmacy sincerely, between the few types, this one obviously caught my attention (RM30.00).